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Teccluster Engineering  Projects  3D Wound Scanner
3D Wound Scanner

Innovative 3D Wound Scanner


Tecclusters latest project is a 3D Wound Scanner, which we have developed in collaboration with with Odense University Hospital.


In short about the Project


In 2011, Teccluster launched collaboration with the University Hospital of Southern Denmark in order to develop a device capable of streamlining treatment of chronicle ulcers. The outcome is an advanced portable 3D scanning device that functions by taking a 3D image of the wound. After this, it calculates the area and volume of the wound - something that has not been possible with the traditional methods. The idea is that it is possible to compare the patients' wound scans over a short period, and thus find the right treatment much faster than before.


The Wound Scanner ensures: 

  • Fewer treatments and a drastic reduction in doctor and hospital visits
  • Improved and shorter treatments, which means less pain and discomfort for patients
  • A better quality of life for the patients
  • A reduction of transportation back and forth for the patients

Financially, the 3D Wound Scanner is estimated to generate annual savings of 4.5 millions kr. (danish crowns) and annual savings of 3 millions kr. for within Home Care. 


Watch video regarding the project