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Teccluster Engineering  Projects  Mars Space Probe
Mars Space Probe

High Precision Machining for Mars Space Probe


Teccluster has developed equipment both near and far. In 2008 this reached beyond world limits as we delivered a part with destination to Mars.


In short about the project


In 2008 Teccluster was included in a high-tech international project, developing construction parts for a Space Probe with destination to Mars. Using High Precision Machining, we produced mechanical parts with high precision details for optical controlling.


With use of High Precision Machining, Teccluster has developed and delivered an important contributions for scientific purposes. This time in shape of an important construction for a Space Probe with destination to Mars. The pupose with the Probe has been to uncover ressources and solutions, and thus bring us one step closer to uncovering scientific history.


In addition, we have developed mechanical parts for Aarhus University, which were used for simulating the athmosphere at Mars.